Many See 'Home" as Inheritance Problem 

Another study has been released showing that American's seniors are woefully unprepared to have their estates pass inan orderly manner to their heirs, with disposition of the home being cited as a key point of family frinction. 

AARE report echoed by the Senior Advantage Real Estae Marketing Council -- found seniors often refuse to discuss their estates. 

"The first problem is that most people just don't want to discuss thir own mortality" and second "don't want to address "what to do with the house' because if will become an internal political problem with the children. 

According to the survey: The study showed that of families that said there had been no conflicts over inheritance, 82 percent cited fairness of allocations as a factor; 63 percent said conflicts were avoided because of adequate financial and tax planning and another 63 percent say conflicts were avoided because family members knew in advance what to expect. 

While most older Americans say they plan or expect to discuss their estates in the families, very few have actually done it. 

Contact your Estate Lawyer to plan estate, your accountant to advise on inheritance limitations, and your local realtor to get the current value of your home. Work with these professionals, as seniors rarely have one-size-fits-all problems.